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Do I Really Need This Info?

Honest answer? 100% YES! Think of it like having us “virtually” by your side, showing you:

  • How to find the place
  • The WiFi code
  • Check-in/Check-out instructions
  • How to operate all the technology including the lights and entertainment system
  • Discovering local things to do
  • How to enjoy the property to the fullest; this isn’t just a house. In fact, if you take advantage of all that’s just outside your front door, you won’t believe how much more than “a house” this place really is. 

A Quick Note: No Professionals of Any Kind are Permitted on the Property Without Express Prior Consent

Massage Therapists, etc.

We can help you with your special arrangement such as massage therapists, or you can do it yourselves. Simply let us know in advance.

Weddings, Elopements, Photographers, etc.

Windows Over Waterfalls is also a professional venue. Yes, of course we encourage you to use the place for weddings, photoshoots or other special event, but please inquire first, plus you can find more info at

Thank you.

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Before You Leave Home

Driving Directions


Know it’s hard to see the house number for Windows Over Waterfalls when you’re approaching the property. But you WILL notice the iconic red house perched high on the left just an eighth of a mile up the hill after your last right turn onto Poplar Gap Road. The driveway will be straight in front of you, and in the middle of a very sharp S turn.  Just keep your eyes open and you simply cannot miss it.

Click Here for Directions via Google Maps: 255 Poplar Gap Road, Hot Springs, NC 28743

Things to Bring

Here’s a basic list of what you might want to bring with you to Windows Over Waterfalls. You’ll no doubt have your own needs, but we thought this might be helpful, knowing what we do about the amenities in this home. 

  • ALL of your food and beverages
  • River shoes/sandals
  • Bathing suit
  • Hiking shoes/boots 
  • Can’t hurt to bring sunscreen and bug spray (warm months)
  • SONOS App (click for link) to connect to the sound system
  • GOVEE HOME App (click for link) create a home theater viewing experience 

Check the Weather

For the most up-to-date Weather forecast check this link: (This is the one I rely on most)

But, there are others. As I always say, if I don’t like one app’s forecast, I just try another until I find one that’s suitable and to my liking!

What if it shows rain?

Remember, the property is located within a temperate rain forest region, so you may notice a significant chance of rainfall is listed on veritably ANY given day. Don’t be frightened, though – if you glance at the details, you’ll notice it likely means there’s an 80% chance at SOME point in the day, only.  The remainder may very well be clear and sunny! 

And if it does rain?

Be happy! A roaring creek is a happy creek.  The waterfalls swell making the soundscape an orchestra from above, in front and below. After a good rain oftentimes you can see the most beautiful ringlets of clouds just below the mountain peaks, or a mystical mist rising from the ground. And don’t underestimate the tranquility of hanging dry under a transparent patio roof on the swinging bench, rocking chair, or day bed.  It always makes for a beautiful day or night especially when it’s really coming down hard. 

Ok, here’s one last link just in case you disapprove of the other two’s forecasting.

Grab All of Your Food Before You Arrive

The closest bonafide (Ingles Market) supermarket from the house is 45 minutes away in Marshall, NC. There are options to eat out plus small to medium-size  convenience stores within a 5 and 30 minute’s drive respectively. Because Spring Creek is a dry town, the closest store to buy beer/wine is in Hot Springs, 25-30 minutes away.  So do your best to bring ALL your desired feasts before you come. 

We will will provide the following:

  • Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino (Keurig)
  • Tea
  • A selection of spices
  • Basic condiments (ketchup & mustard bottles in fridge)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Don’t Forget Your Pets! (or Pet Fees)

At Windows over Waterfalls, we believe your dogs should enjoy in your fun as the property is so private you won’t have a worry about leashes. Plus, it is actually MORE of a playground for them than it is for us humans.  For your first 2 dogs the charge is $75, and $100 for 3. Please contact us if you plan on bringing your extra furry friend and you didn’t check off the pet option when you booked.   Remember, the same fee will be assessed no matter how long you stay, two days or two weeks. If you haven’t done so already via your booking site, kindly pay through Venmo if you have it, or come up with alternative arrangements.  Our Venmo is @ken-greenwood-1. Thank you. 

Travel Insurance

We Urge You to Buy Travel Insurance Protection for All Unforeseen Events that May Lead You to Needing to Cancel Anytime Before Your Arrival! It’s actually pretty cheap.  

Only a small percentage of people decide to purchase travel insurance, partially because most people aren’t aware of the option or don’t know how travel insurance works.

Trip Cancellation

The basic purpose is to reimburse travelers for their pre-paid and non-refundable trip costs if they have to cancel their trip due to a covered reason. The covered reasons vary by provider and plan, but depending on the plan, these might include:

  • Accidental injury, sickness, or death of you, a traveling companion or a family member
  • Weather events that cause cancellations in travel plans or a cessation of service
  • Strike that causes complete cessation of travel services of your carrier
  • You or your traveling companion are terminated, or laid off from employment

Travel insurance is popular because it can allow for better peace of mind. Most insurance companies that offer trip cancellation coverage are very easy to work with and will answer cancellation claims within a few days, so out-of-pocket expenses are minimal.

Emergency Medical Coverage

Many travel insurance plans also have medical coverage for emergency medical expenses incurred while traveling.  


Travel insurance is inexpensive, as the risks of a single trip or vacation are fairly low. When travelers compare rates online before purchasing a travel insurance policy, costs are kept even lower.  The costs of each policy are extremely low when compared to the potential risks of a canceled trip, an illness or other unexpected event.  


In NO order of preference

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Arrival Information

Lock Code

This will be emailed to you privately – check your email and save the info!

Complimentary EV Charging

Tesla NACS

Yes, you heard this correctly! At Windows Over Waterfalls we respect those who’s made the transition to EV’s so we’ve installed a Tesla Level II Charger. If you drive a 2024 or older non-Tesla, you will need to bring your own adaptor to work with the NACS system. The charger is located beneath the house just in front of the walking bridge to the island, and the cord extends 24 feet.  Feel free to top off! 

WiFi/Internet Details

There is free Wi-Fi for your use. The details are: 

ID: Because we’re so remote, there are no other wifi signals to choose from. For best range, choose the 5G option. 
Password: Hellomaxpatch

The service is provided for your enjoyment but you are responsible for safe and appropriate use and complying with all laws. If there is any loss of service please contact us. You will have to find some bars, though, so you may need to walk or drive up the hill about a quarter to half mile before reaching cell service.

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About the Accommodation

The Lights

Controlled By Alexa. Windows Over Waterfalls is light-switch-averse home so if they’re covered by a light switch protector, kindly don’t touch!

But if you must know anyway, these are the switches next to the front door:

  • Bottom Right – Kitchen
  • Top Left – Living room
  • Top Right – Patio

Always Always Always remember the following rule: NEVER CLICK A LIGHT SWITCH with a protector or YOU WILL LEARN TO REGRET YOUR DECISION (exceptions are the bathrooms and the atrium fan switch to the right of the front door)  

Just talk to Alexa it’s super EASY, and she’s not intimidating

There Are Five Named Zones: 
Kitchen, Living Room, Upstairs, Patio, & Hot Tub (the singular light between kitchen door and the hot tub).  Say “All Lights” for the whole house

“Alexa, turn on (or off) all the lights” – will turn on/off all the lights

“Alexa, turn on (name of room) lights” – will turn on/off only that room’s (or outside) lights.

“Alexa, turn all lights to 25%”, or “Alexa, turn living room lights to 50%”

CHANGE COLORS of any and all rooms to your choosing:
For example, if you want the patio lights Blue, kitchen white, living room red and upstairs purple?  “Alexa, change patio lights to Blue.” Ok. “Alexa, change kitchen lights to white” Ok. “Alexa change living room lights red.” Ok. “Alexa change upstairs lights to purple.” Ok. (Just wait for the OK) Or simply, “Alexa change all lights to white” and the house will be uniform. 


Red and pink
Crimson, Dark Red, Firebrick, Orange Red, Red, Deep Pink, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Maroon, Medium Violet Red, Pale Violet Red, Pink, Plum, Tomato

Orange and peach
Chocolate, Dark Orange, Orange Web, Maroon, Coral, Light Coral, Light Salmon, Peru, Salmon, Sienna

Gold, Goldenrod, Lime, Olive, Yellow

Chartreuse, Dark Green, Dark Olive Green, Dark Sea Green, Forest Green, Green, Green Yellow, Lawn Green, Light Green, Lime Green, Medium Sea Green, Medium Spring Green, Olive Drab, Pale Green, Sea Green, Spring Green, Web Green, Yellow Green

Blue, Cadet Blue, Cyan, Dark Blue, Dark Cyan,Dark Slate Blue, Dark Turquoise, Deep Sky Blue, Dodger Blue, Light Blue, Light Sea Green, Light Sky Blue, Medium Blue, Medium Turquoise, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue, Pale Turquoise, Powder Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Slate Blue, Steel Blue,Teal, Turquoise

Blue Violet, Cornflower, Dark Magenta, Dark Orchid, Dark Violet, Fuchsia, Indigo, Lavender, Magenta, Medium Orchid, Medium Purple, Orchid, Purple, Rebecca Purple, Rosy Brown, Violet, Web Purple

Alice Blue, Antique White, Blanched Almond, Cornsilk, Dark Khaki, Floral White, Gainsboro, Ghost White, Honeydew, Ivory, Khaki, Lavender Blush, Lemon Chiffon, Light Cyan, Light Goldenrod, Light Steel Blue, Light Yellow, Linen, Mint Cream, Misty Rose, Moccasin, Old Lace, Pale Goldenrod, Papaya Whip, Peach Puff, Seashell, Silver, Snow, Tan, Thistle,Wheat, White, White Smoke

Helpful Tip: “Alexa, Goodnight!” and wait for her to say, “ok.” This will turn off all the lights. Great convenience when you’re in bed. 

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Appliance Instructions / Information

The Kitchen

All manuals for the electrical equipment and appliances are in the cabinets above the stove. 

The Dishwasher: It’s very simple, we promise! We provide a supply of dishwashing liquid or pods below the kitchen sink. After filling the compartment with detergent, simply close it until it snaps tight, press the cycles button once for normal, and then the triangle (play) button to start. 

The Fridge/freezer: You should not need to adjust any settings. If you run into any difficulties (e.g. it’s not cooling efficiently) please let us know.

Microwave: Self-explanatory

Air Fryer: Better than any toaster!

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker, Latte Maker and Cappuccino Maker: Instructions are behind the unit.  Bring real milk if you want to froth. 


At Windows Over Waterfalls, we do our BEST to be Eco Conscious. Kindly turn off the system when the windows or doors are open as the place cools and heats quite rapidly!  

You will find a Google Nest on wall beside the dining room table that allows you to control the temperature by rotating the dial. Better yet, it is Alexa enabled – so all you have to do is say out loud, “Alexa, set temperature to (your desired temperature).”   Please ensure that all windows and outside doors are closed to allow it to operate at maximum efficiency. During the Spring, Summer and Fall months, many/most find it ideal to have a good cross breeze with a few (or ALL) of the windows open.  The windows are so energy efficient that when closed, they cancel out 90 percent of the sound of the flowing water. And remember, the sound of the water is, as you’ll find out once you arrive, half of the enjoyment.  We say this from personal experience too – try the windows first and if you don’t like it, go at it with the air conditioner. 

Remember, there are TWO large ceiling fans as well both operated with their respective remote controls.  Of course, ensure light switches are turned on (the switches with no guards)


We have a washer and separate dryer located in the utility room in the downstairs bathroom.  There is a supply of detergent for your use. To operate the machines, simply select the program you want, place the detergent in the tray, close the door, and hit start. 

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Enjoying Your Time Inside


We have a joyful kitchen with all the trimmins for you to create your masterpieces three meals a day! 

  • High-end chef quality stainless steel knives
  • High-end stainless steel cookware and utensils
  • Non-stick granite cookware and plastic utensils
  • All of your most common seasonings
  • A wonderful selection of choice k-cups for the Keurig, including hot chocolate

So just bring your main ingredients. For what you don’t eat we have containers, tin foil and plastic wrap. 

Tap Water/Spring Fed

It’s natural spring water from within the GROUND and not the creek. Feel free to drink it with confidence. It really does taste like water should. You may walk away saying it’s the best darn water you’ve ever had.

TV Instructions

Fancy a bit of TV time in the midst of nature’s charm? No, we don’t condone this sort of behavior here at Windows Over Waterfalls, but you’re still in for a treat! Our entertainment setup boasts a satisfyingly crystal clear 55″ screen with access to just about every channel imaginable, spanning the entire planet. Want every live streaming platform, every pay channel in existence, movies on demand, and for the sports enthusiasts out there, every sports package under the sun?   Go ahead because no one’s looking – interrupt nature with a dose of screen time and let you be you.  And don’t forget it combines with our 10-speaker surround system!

Turn on both the TV and the streaming box via their respective remote controls.  The two most used buttons on the streaming box remote by far are the “return,” “home,” and OK buttons (the wide circle). Other than maybe the power and volume buttons, no need to even consider the others. If you turn the TV on and the Home Screen doesn’t appear, you may need to use the TV remote and select  “INPUT” and select TV/Box – HDMI 3 for the streaming device.

  1. For All CABLE TV and premium channels, sports channels and packages (aka HBO/Cinemax/Starz/NFL Sunday Ticket  etc.) select EUTVUSION. Then select LIVE TV or TV GUIDE depending on preference of layout.      
  2. For all streaming movies and series (Netflix, HBO, Disney, Paramount, AmazonPrime, etc. etc. etc.) select ONDEMAND from the Home Screen and then select your desired streaming service for a list. You can also search from the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen. 

Special Note: 

The TV is connected to the Sonos system throughout the house (11 speakers in total) but will only play in the Living Room at first when you turn on the TV.  You can adjust the volume on ALL of the speakers via the Sonos S2 app on your smartphone. If you don’t already have it, you can download it from wherever you download your apps traditionally. 

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Sonos Sound System

Feel free to download at the house, too, but you’ll be happy you did it beforehand. If you already have a Sonos system and app, then you’re all set. As soon as you connect to the wifi you will connect to our system.  

Most music services are well-integrated with the Sonos App. 

Included the following basic subscriptions. Note it is impossible to transfer your own personal premium accounts to SONOS so work with what you have here at the house. Our basic speed of 3mbps should be fast enough to give you lag-free enjoyment. 

•Amazon Music
•Youtube Music (paid)
• (paid)


Sonos literally just updated its app after many years and as of the writing of this section, I haven’t fully gotten the hang of it yet. It should be somewhat intuitive.

Govee Backlights for the TV

Treat yourself to the full-on TV watching experience with our Govee envisual backlights

When you turn it on, the wall behind the TV comes alive with color matches from the TV based on the color identifying camera. Just Turn on the Govee app’s “DreamView T1” and select “Movie Watching DreamView” and viola. 

Remember to turn it off from the app after you’re done watching as otherwise the lights will remain on.  

Board Games/Playing Cards

You want games? We got games.  There may be others too as we’re always open to buying more. 

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Apples to Apples
  • Boggle (classic)
  • Jenga
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Playing Cards
  • and several more!

Music Studio

Do you play music? If so, leave your instruments at home and enjoy ours. We only ask that you care for what you see as if they were your very own, loved instruments. If you don’t play best leave everything untouched. Guests will be held responsible for any damages caused so do be gentle! 

Here’s what’s here: 

  • Orangewood cutaway acoustic Guitar: It’s GORGEOUS. You may never have heard of them, but some will say it plays as beautifully as a Martin. Generous analogy but not far off. Great action and beautiful sound. It has nice electronics as well. 
  • Full-size weighted 88 key piano keyboard. 
  • Vaccarro electric guitar: phenomenal electric known for it’s aluminum necks. Super smooth action. 
  • Fender Jazz Bass: No introduction required. 
  • Djembe
  • Mic and stand
  • 2 Spider Line 6 guitar amps
  • Fender Rumble 15 bass amp

Work? (Gasp)

We have for you a 27″ curved HD monitor (updated since this photo was taken) and an HDMI cable that will connect with your laptop.  Don’t forget your hub multiport adapter.  Go ahead and try to be productive with this view. 

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Outside the House

Hot Tub/Jacuzzi

How many mountain vacation rentals have a hot tub overlooking waterfalls?  Windows Over Waterfalls may not be filled with the same mineral water as down at the Hot Springs Resort & Spa, but you’ll probably be singing the same tune after you experience it here — WHO CARES? They charge by the hour and their tubs aren’t amidst waterfalls. Every dusk up here invites you to a world of enchantment as when the boulders, trees, and waterfalls light aglow in a mesmerizing display of color, you’ll be in heaven.   Sure, we may be biased, but the choice between sitting in a tub of mineral water with a single water vent at your back vs. in a deluxe hot tub with phenomenal jets and hearing the sounds of waterfalls all around you, especially when the waterfalls and trees are lit up in a kaleidoscope of color? WOW wins and it’s not even competitive.

Please remember to always return the hot tub cover after each and every use to prevent heat loss, debris from entering, and evaporation. We thank you! 


There is a wonderful, high-quality outdoor propane gas grill available for your use. If the propane runs out during your stay please let us know even if it was your fault for not closing the valve after using it – it’s important we replace it before our next guest arrives. Please ensure you leave it clean to avoid any additional cleaning fees, and as just stated and to hammer it home, ensure the gas valve under the grill is twisted to the right all the way until fully closed after every use.  

Fire Pits

We have 3! 

This one shown is the most convenient and sits directly off the deck near the hot tub. There’s also two above it, and not too far. Each provides a unique perspective from both sound and sight. 

In terms of FIREWOOD, it’s all here and for your enjoyment. You may have to carry some to your fire pit of choice, though, so be prepared to do so. Large stocks are just to the side/below the house. We supply a small amount of split wood on the porch to help you get the fire started, but kindly refrain from using too much as the raw wood you find will give you a really nice, long burn and using split wood is simply wasteful.  Splitting that wood was very labor intensive. Trees were cut down, split into smaller and smaller segments, dragged down to the shed at the bottom of the driveway, then split and piled. It was exhausting work and I’ve done it for the enjoyment of all for guests. So be respectful of the amount you use. No “souvenirs to take home,” please. I have a cam set up to deter just that. Let the split wood stay where it is and I thank you.

Also, you can also hunt and gather, Especially for smaller branches and twigs to get help get the fire started.  

Some cardboard is kept behind the house – if it’s there feel free to use some. 

If you’re not familiar with starting a campfire, here are some tips: 

  1. Place enough cardboard under your proposed pile. In fact, bring as many of those Amazon boxes from home as you can and you’ll be happy you did. Under the hot tub porch we have a stack of cardboard so use what you need. (we thank you for conserving so there’s enough for eveyone) Just know there’s always a risk that our supply is wet as it IS stored outside and privy to the elements.
  2. Gather small sticks and branches for the bottom layer and preferably set them in teepee fashion. These will burn more quickly and help ignite your larger pieces. 
  3. Pile on top a few medium size branches and a couple pieces of split wood – that once burning begins it will sustain for a while. 
  4. Light up the edges of the cardboard and watch the flames grow.
  5. Collect larger and larger pieces you’ll find out and about or in the big woodpile by the house. Throw on top once the blaze has begun and progressively add to the fire.
  6. Once the fire is really going (lots of crackles and pops) it’s time to add on your larger pieces. 
  7. When you know it’s hot and good to go, then add a big log or two for long-term burn.
  8. When finished, use the bucket to extinguish the fire with creek water. Just be very mindful of your footing in the dark. 

If ever there are HEAVY WINDS, we ask you use a pit further from the house for obvious reasons – you don’t want to be making that phone call letting us know the house burned to the ground. The other fire pits are far enough away to not create any fire hazards. 

Always remember, you can extinguish the fire using a bucket stored behind the house. Just grab water from the creek. It’s limitless. But be careful especially at night. 

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See the Property from across the Creek

Treat yourself to the grand view from the trails/pathways across the creek or from the road above.

  • Trails across from the creek: If you do cross the creek, it cannot be emphasized enough to PLEASE be CAUTIOUS. Wet rocks should never be trusted and you will likely fall. So know your limitations and cross only where you find it safe. Once you’re over, you can follow the pathways for lovely vantages. Go ahead, bring one of the chairs sitting by the front door. Two have convenient back straps. Just remember, there are no guardrails. If you’re not sure footed, think twice. 
  • The road from above the Windows Over Waterfalls: Every day I spend there, myself, I walk Gracie up that road looking down at the property and it amazes me each and every time.  The property seen from high above will give you much greater perspective and its overall beauty.  Go all the way until the road bends where you’ll see the last edge of the property. The waterfalls, the moss pathway, the boulders and the trees, all taken together, are a true feast for the eyes. 

The Creek

The jewel of Windows Over Waterfalls and the reason we’re here! 

It runs heavy all year no matter the precipitation. 

From the bottom all the way to the top it’s magnificence is felt. Be careful and wear your rugged shoes along your journey.  Remember your river sandals if you want to go in. 

How about a little history? 

Believe it or not, what you see here is vastly different than when the land was purchased in 2019. Everything you see NOW was once bramble. Weeds, thorns and poison ivy as high as the sky. In slow-motion over the years, I have tamed it for your enjoyment at every juncture. By hand I have dug out every root system, some of which were deeper than imagination can muster, with only hands, mattocks and shovels. I turned the soil over and planted grass. This means wherever you DO exposed dirt or seedling grass, before there was no safe place to stand or sit.  

The Trails

This picture is an actual map of the trails on both sides of the creek. And while they might not break any length records, they sure do excel in the “views that make you grin from ear to ear” category. All told there are 1.06 miles of them and it’s like a workout for your happiness muscle – short, sweet, and full of panoramic joy from almost everywhere you stand.

  • ONLY CROSS THE CREEK IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE DON’T TAKE CHANCES. Nature can be unforgiving sometimes. WET ROCKS SCREAM SLIP AND FALL.  You know your level of skill and comfort. As stated before, emergency medical help is a long way away. Minimize or eliminate any risk whenever possible. We cannot emphasize this enough. 
  • Behind the house the trails can be steep, as the mountain behind is steep. I dug into the hillside a series of switchbacks and long stretches of relative flats where you can gaze the property from several heights. It’s glorious. Bring your hiking shoes! 

Traveling Chairs

There are 12 benches strewn about all the way up and down the property. But you’ll also find two sturdy and rugged camping chairs with built in back straps – so you can explore the property with a chair snug on your back for easy transport and sit wherever you darn well please! Go find yourself a nice spot (anywhere) and sit yourself down for a while. And then find another. And another.  

Your Dogs, Outside

We’re all happy when our dogs are happy!  Yet please, though, kindly keep an eye on them so they don’t destroy the moss as it has taken literally years to grow. Some dogs are natural rompers and their pivoting paws can really tear it up.  Before you blink it’s already happened and just trust this is spoken from experience, and sometimes the damage takes literally months to heal. You’ll most likely feel badly and guilty if it happens under your watch but know this is not my aim! Preventative measures matter – just try to keep your pup calm when walking the moss pathways. We thank you for your mindfulness in preserving the property’s natural beauty.

Oh, and kindly pick up after them if they don’t use the forest for their business.

And remember, people get married here we want the brides and grooms to be have flawless photos. 

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Safety/Emergency Info & Rules

Rules & Regulations


We understand that sometimes accidents happen! Should you break anything please let us know immediately – if it’s minor we usually won’t charge. If it’s a larger issue (e.g. the TV screen or you’ve damaged one of the guitars?) we would like to agree the cost with you before you leave to avoid any issues later. Thank you!

Smoking Policy

This is a smoke-free home. While it may be tempting….. “no one may see or notice”…. but we implore you, beg of you…. PLEASE limit all smoking to the outdoors and take the utmost care no damage is done to the decks/patios and property. And for goodness sakes don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the creek. We’ve included large, tasteful windproof ashtrays strategically around the decks. Kindly empty them into the trash before you leave. If you want to smoke out by the creek or for anywhere that matter, either bring one of the ashtrays with you or remember to collect your butts. The last thing anyone wants to see, including yourselves, is someone else’s cigarette butts. 



We love dogs and welcome your special friend(s) in our home so long as you are aware you are responsible for any damages they may cause to furniture and/or linens. Kindly ensure if you bring a puppy they are trained to not chew or have accidents.  Remember, there are pet fees just in case you haven’t paid them as of yet. 

 Cats are sadly not allowed despite my affection for them

Wipe Your Feet Good

I positioned heavy duty mats at every entrance to the decks and porches and doors to the house. Kindly use them as often as you can as to keep the house and decks super clean and free of mud and dirt. The rugs will surely be grateful and not just you if you walk around in bare feet.  Thank you in advance. 

Safety/Emergency Information

What to do in an Emergency

For emergency services (ambulance, police, fire) please immediately call the following numbers. Do not delay if you feel an emergency situation has arisen. State your location as the address on the front page of this book. 

Police Department: (828) 622-3214
Fire Department: 
(828) 622-7108

In case of a fire

  • Exit the property as quickly as possible
  • Ensure that all persons are accounted for
  • Dial [insert emergency number] and ask for ‘FIRE’
  • State your location (255 Poplar Gap Road, Hot Springs)

Do not attempt to re-enter the building until a Fire Officer states that it is safe to do so.

Emergency Phone Numbers

If you require medical assistance, and especially in case of an emergency, here are your considerations. If you can make it to Asheville, this will be your most comprehensive option and it is roughly a 1 hour drive. Mission Hospital is the largest hospital system in Western North Carolina plus every specialty medical service can be reached within a short radius. For general urgent care below are two more options.  

Major Hospital:
Mission Hospital
509 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 213-1111
36.9 Miles
1 Hour and 8 Minutes

Urgent Care Centers
Laurel Medical Center 
80 Gunter Town Road, Marshall NC
(828) 656-2611 
21.7 Miles
40 Minutes

Urgent Care Waynesville
556 Hazelwood Ave, Waynesville, NC
(828) 452-8890
32.6 Miles
49 Minutes

Mercy Urgent Care, West Asheville
1201 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 
(828) 210-2121 
33.1 Miles
58 Minutes

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Your Local Area Guide

Bars & Nightlife

Big Pillow Brewing

Hot Springs, NC’s first craft brewery, and one of Asheville’s most iconic eateries have joined forces! We provide top-notch beer and food in a welcoming atmosphere for everyone in Hot Springs. See you soon!

The Iron Horse Station

The Restaurant and Tavern offers a friendly and casual dining experience. With a wide menu variety, a nice selection of beer and wine, a guest lounge with a fireplace, large screen TV and Wireless Internet, the Iron Horse Station is a memorable spot to eat, drink, and relax in a comfortable environment.

Spring Creek Tavern

With over 50 years experience in all different styles of restaurant, Tim & Amanda bring with them a desire to create a warm, welcome environment with hot food, cold beer and smiling service. 

Entertainment & Activities

Max Patch

The grassy plateau atop 4,600-foot Max Patch Mountain, fondly known as “the Patch,” is a renowned landmark along the Appalachian Trail. This expansive summit in the Bald Mountains provides sweeping views of the Great Smokies, the Black Mountains, the Great Craggy Mountains, the Great Balsams, the Roan Highlands of the Unakas, and other majestic Southern Appalachian ranges. Accessible via a short half-mile hike, Max Patch offers visitors unforgettable sunsets and panoramic vistas.


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Adventuring: French Broad Outfitters

Rafting, ziplining, climbing, canyoneering

Adventuring: Hot Springs Rafting Company

When you’re looking for a rafting or float trip experience near Hot Springs, NC, where should you turn? After all, there are a lot of rafting companies along the French Broad River, so how do you know which one to choose? We would love for you to choose Hot Springs Rafting for your next river adventure, whether you’re looking to rent a tube, a raft, or want to enjoy a fully guided white water raft trip.

Cycling in the Mountains



 The Meadow Fork Loop

Check out the Madison County Cycling route description for some wonderful shots of the ride’s views and route information!  Here’s the Strava Link


Hot Doggett (Doggett Mountain)

Hot Doggett is an annual ride around the county that attracts many cyclists in July. You may also enjoy riding parts of this 100-mile loop anytime. Check out the Madison County Cycling route description or the Strava Link


River Road Ride

Starting on a paved road right out of Hot Springs, this serene low-traffic route turns to gravel. It links up with the Paint Creek Loop as well. Read more about the Route on the Madison County Outdoors page.

Rich Mountain Lookout & Fire Tower

This gravel road ‘doubletrack’ leads to the Rich Mountain Fire Tower. There are two routes, one from the Hurricane Mountain Trail (1.4mi), and one from just outside Hot Springs just off of Highway 70 up Neal Barnett Road (10mi).

Little Paint Creek Road

A gravel ‘doubletrack’ road off of the Hurricane Gap Road.

Lower Paint Creek Road

A gravel ‘doubletrack’ road that links up with Hurricane Gap Road after it separates from the Paint Creek Loop trail.

Hurricane Gap Road

 Hurricane Gap Road connections Paint Creek Campground with the Rich Mountain Fire Tower. A gravel ‘doubletrack’ road that also gives access to Little Paint Creek Road and Rough Branch Road.

Paint Creek Trail

 A dynamic double and single-track loop accessible from the River Road and parking with great scenic views!

For information on the Loop itself and the Madison County Outdoors description for how to get there straight out of Hot Springs!

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Fishing, Hot Springs – N.C. Mountain Heritage Trout Water TownSpring Creek

Nestled within a high mountain valley, Hot Springs sits at the convergence of Spring Creek and the French Broad River. Spring Creek, coursing directly through the heart of town, holds the esteemed designation of N.C. Mountain Heritage Trout Water, bestowing upon Hot Springs the honored title of a designated N.C. Mountain Heritage Trout Water Town. With the creek generously stocked six times annually with Brown, Brook, and Rainbow Trout, anglers of all levels can enjoy the abundance of fishing opportunities. And here’s a little tip: even without waders, you can cast your line right off the Red Bridge!

French Broad River

Flowing alongside Hot Springs is the historic French Broad River, recognized as the third oldest river globally. In the 1970s, the NC Wildlife Commission introduced smallmouth bass and fingerling muskies into the French Broad River, a move that led to their thriving population. During the early fall, anglers once enjoyed the bounty of catching 30 smallmouth bass weighing between 5-6 pounds in a single day. Additionally, catfish and muskies are plentiful, offering diverse fishing opportunities. Accessible wading spots are scattered throughout the county, allowing for easy entry into the river’s waters. Renowned as one of North Carolina’s premier smallmouth bass fisheries, the French Broad River is consistently ranked among the state’s top four rivers for smallmouth bass.

Just five miles from town lie two more N.C. Mountain Heritage Trout Waters: Big Laurel and Shelton Laurel Creeks. Hickey Fork Creek, a tributary of Shelton Laurel Creek, boasts a rare native population of stunning Brook Trout, providing anglers with a truly unique catch.

This remarkable network of creeks, streams, and rivers creates an unmatched outdoor and fly fishing experience, drawing enthusiasts from near and far.


Jack Branch Trail
jack branch trail

Beginning at the starting point of the River Ridge Loop trail, Jack Branch embarks on its ascent, traversing an old road bed in some sections while meandering along the ridge in others. The landscape here bears the marks of a forest fire in the early 2000s, creating an open atmosphere, albeit interspersed with dense growths of Virginia and Shortleaf pines. This trail follows the ridge between Jack and Murray Branches, with a tendency to favor the Murray side. While offering limited wintertime views, it eventually merges with FS 468, following it briefly before diverging to the right for the final ascent to the state line ridge and FS 422 in Cherokee National Forest.

Laurel RiverTrail
laurel river trail

This trail traces the course of Big Laurel Creek as it winds through a picturesque gorge, leading to its convergence with the French Broad river at the site of the old logging ghost town, Runion. Particularly enchanting in early spring, the path is adorned with a plethora of wildflowers along its route and riverbanks, complemented by low water levels that render the creek crystal clear. Despite its somewhat misleading name, as the creek is nearly river-sized by the time it enters the gorge, its popularity among boaters and fishermen remains undeniable.

Originally an old railroad bed utilized for transporting logs to the Runion sawmill in the 1920s, the trail maintains a mostly level terrain. However, it can be rocky and root-covered in certain sections, so sturdy boots are advised.

Throughout the journey, small streams intersect the trail, while towering bluffs hem in the valley, creating a narrow, enclosed atmosphere with steep slopes on either side. Massive boulders litter the gorge, contributing to the formation of lively rapids, while deep pools beckon adventurous swimmers during warmer seasons. As the trail nears its conclusion at the former logging town of Runion, remnants of its bustling past are evident in the form of brick chimneys and crumbling foundations, marking it as one of North Carolina’s few remaining “ghost towns.”

At the confluence of Big Laurel and French Broad, the trail crosses the railroad tracks, leading to a tranquil riverside flat on the opposite side. It’s essential to exercise caution when crossing the tracks, ensuring to look and listen for any approaching trains, as the line remains active. Crossing Big Laurel Creek via the railroad bridge, as some have attempted in the past, is strictly prohibited and hazardous.

Lover’s Leap Hiking Trail

Lover’s Leap is a rock outcropping on the Appalachian Trail in Hot Springs that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the French Broad River and Pisgah National Forest. Since the famous Appalachian Trail (AT) goes

Lover’s Leap, a prominent rock formation along the Appalachian Trail in Hot Springs, promises a breathtaking panoramic vista of the French Broad River and Pisgah National Forest. Given the AT’s passage through the quaint town of Hot Springs, hikers can embark on a picturesque 2-mile loop right from the heart of downtown. Free public parking for hikers is available along Andrews Avenue, conveniently situated off Bridge Street after crossing the railroad tracks. Located just 36 miles or a 45-minute drive from downtown Asheville, it’s easily accessible for day trips.

While the loop hike can be completed in under an hour, it’s advisable to allocate ample time to savor the scenic vistas along the way. Rated as “moderate,” the trail involves a gradual ascent up the ridge, gaining approximately 500 feet in elevation. Although the site’s name suggests a romantic leap, it’s important to note that Lover’s Leap is not intended for such endeavors!

Before hitting the trail, consider making a brief detour to the renowned Bluff Mountain Outfitters located at 152 Bridge Street for any queries or necessary supplies. Pack some snacks for a leisurely picnic and don’t forget to bring along plenty of water. On warm, sunny days, it’s advisable to embark on the hike in the morning, as the afternoon sun can intensify the heat on this side of the mountain.

through the tiny town of Hot Springs, you can hike from the center of downtown for a very scenic 2-mile loop. Find free public parking for hikers along Andrews Avenue (turn right from Bridge Street after you cross the railroad tracks). It’s 36 miles / 45 minutes from downtown Asheville.

While you can hike the loop in less than an hour, allow plenty of extra time to enjoy the views along the way. We rank the hike as “moderate” since you are walking up the ridge, gaining about 500 feet in elevation. But it’s a gradual climb. While the legend is that a lovesick woman jumped from the rock, it’s not the place for leaping!

Take a short detour to legendary Bluff Mountain Outfitters (152 Bridge Street) for questions or supplies. Take some snacks for a picnic. Don’t forget water. On warm sunny days, hike in the morning since the afternoon sun really heats up this side of the mountain.

Pump Gap Loop Trail

Pump Gap Loop Trail

Named after a water pump located nearby, this trail pays homage to its historical function of supplying water to the now-abandoned ghost town of Runion. Serving as an access point to the Appalachian Trail, it can be traversed either as a loop or as part of a larger loop incorporating the AT. However, beyond these connections, the trail lacks a clear destination and, despite offering pleasant scenery, can feel somewhat directionless. One segment of the trail leads into a picturesque cove, enticing hikers with its tranquil descent, only to abruptly veer upwards onto the adjacent ridge, disrupting the easy flow of the descent.

Round Top Ridge Trail

round top ridge trail

This route offers a direct path along a segment of the original Appalachian Trail before its rerouting.

Starting from Hot Springs, North Carolina, proceed northeast on US-25 South (Bridge Street) towards Meadow Lane. Cross the French Broad River on US-25 and take a sharp left onto Silvermine Road. Afterward, continue onto River Road (to the right) for approximately 0.2 miles. Then, make a right turn onto Reservoir Road and follow it for about 0.3 miles until reaching its end at a water tower, which serves as the trailhead for the Roundtop Ridge Trail.

Spring Creek Nature Trail

Embark on a delightful hike through a captivating hardwood-pine forest, accompanied by the soothing melody of a cascading mountain stream renowned for its trout fishing. Formerly belonging to the Brook’s farm, remnants of its past, including an old house foundation, rock fences, and a cemetery, still grace the landscape. For added convenience, picnicking facilities, restrooms, water access, and camping amenities are available at Rocky Bluff Campground from May through October, ensuring a comfortable and memorable outdoor experience.

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Horseback Riding: Llamas of Hot Springs

Llamas of Hot Springs provides llama trekking tours, animal-assisted therapy, and educational experiences.

Motorcycle Riding and Driving

You don’t have to join the throngs on the Blue Ridge Parkway or tackle the twists of “Ride the Dragon” to discover some of the nation’s finest roads. Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee boast numerous scenic backroads and highways, ideal for both motorcycling and driving enthusiasts. Whether you’re cruising along Highway 209 or traversing the Dixie Highway, Hot Springs serves as an excellent starting or ending point for your journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

Appalachian Medley/The Rattler

Length: 36 miles
Drive Time: 1.5 hours
Counties: Haywood and Madison

The Appalachian Medley byway offers a sensory journey through time, echoing the rich musical heritage of the region. Starting at Exit 24 on I-40 near Lake Junaluska and Waynesville, the route unfolds along N.C. 209, guiding travelers through a landscape steeped in history and natural beauty.

After crossing the Pigeon River, known for its once-abundant flocks of pigeons, the byway skirts the edges of the Pisgah National Forest, a sprawling expanse covering 12 counties and over a million acres, and recognized as the birthplace of American forestry.

As the journey progresses, the route meanders past landmarks like Fines Creek and Betsy’s Gap, each steeped in their own tales of folklore and local lore. Entering Madison County, the byway is flanked by Hebo Mountain to the south and Pug Knob to the north.

Continuing northward, Spring Creek becomes a constant companion, leading travelers through communities like Luck and Trust, where a visit to St. Jude’s Chapel of Hope offers a moment of reflection.

As the landscape opens into a picturesque valley, Max Patch emerges to the left, with the Appalachian Trail tracing its summit. Further along, the Rocky Bluff Recreation Area beckons with its picnic spots, hiking trails, and campsites.

Hot Springs, with its storied past dating back to 1778 when scouts Henry Reynolds and Thomas Morgan first discovered the healing springs, lies just beyond. Once a rough outpost frequented by drovers, the town evolved into a haven for travelers seeking respite in its therapeutic waters. A side trip along Paint Rock Road unveils the ancient cliff art of Paint Rock.

Continuing on U.S. 25/70, travelers encounter the Appalachian Trail crossing before reaching Walnut, formerly known as Jewell Hill. Here, the Appalachian Medley byway concludes, but the journey south to Marshall and the French Broad Overview byway offers further exploration opportunities.

French Broad Overview

Length: 17 miles
Drive Time: 25 minutes
Counties: Madison and Buncombe

The French Broad Overview commences just north of Asheville in the historic town of Weaverville, which traces its roots back to the 1700s. Originally named Pine Cabin, it was formally incorporated in 1850. Notably, Weaverville is home to the Vance Birthplace State Historic Site, honoring Zebulon B. Vance, North Carolina’s Civil War governor from 1862 to 1865, who also held positions in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Alongside insights into Vance’s life, the historic site offers immersive presentations on the early mountain settler experience.

To embark on the byway, travelers can take I-26 West from Asheville to Exit 19 in Weaverville. From there, follow the U.S. 25/70 Bypass towards Marshall, then make a left turn at the first stoplight onto Monticello Road (S.R. 1727).


Dirt Road Above Hot Springs

Travel along Monticello Road for three miles, traversing a tranquil rural residential area until it intersects with N.C. 251. As you journey, catch glimpses of the meandering French Broad River to the west, a waterway named after the French settlers who once inhabited this region during the 18th century. In the summertime, the French Broad River becomes a bustling hub for whitewater rafting and canoeing enthusiasts.

Upon reaching N.C. 251 near the community of Alexander, take a right turn. Established in 1828, Alexander derives its name from the proprietor of a local stagecoach tavern. This roadway, akin to many others in river valleys, follows ancient Indian trading paths that connected trading posts and settlements in the Tennessee and Ohio River valleys. Notice the imposing palisades, or sheer rock formations, lining the road’s right side, sculpted over time by the river’s erosive force. These natural corridors served as crucial passages for migrating wildlife and indigenous peoples traversing the Eastern United States’ towering mountains. With the advent of European settlers, these pathways were widened into roads, later complemented by the arrival of railways that once again favored the path of least resistance through river valleys.

As you continue along N.C. 251, observe the railroad tracks running parallel to the French Broad River, visible on the opposite bank. Near Marshall, the tracks cross the river, mirroring the trajectory of the road.

Follow N.C. 251 as it merges with U.S. 25/70 Business, leading you into Marshall, the Madison County seat established in 1852 and named after former U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall. For a picturesque view of the courthouse, turn left at the stoplight, cross the river, and loop back around in the school parking lot before re-crossing the river.

Turn left at the stoplight in front of the courthouse to proceed onto the final leg of this scenic byway. Wind your way uphill along U.S. 25/70 Business, passing by a beautifully constructed stone wall, until it intersects with the U.S. 25/70 Bypass one mile later, marking the conclusion of this captivating journey.

Want to Rent a Motorcycle?

Pisgah National Forest

Hot Springs is a cozy mountain hamlet cradled within the picturesque French Broad River Valley, encircled by towering peaks reaching heights of 3500 feet, all part of the pristine Pisgah National Forest. The town finds itself ensconced amidst this natural splendor, with the mountains serving as a majestic backdrop, largely untouched and unspoiled. Enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits will find themselves spoiled for choice with an array of excellent hiking trails and exhilarating mountain biking routes awaiting exploration. For those seeking more unconventional adventures, our mountainous terrain sets the stage for eclectic experiences such as zip-lining and navigating a challenging sporting clay course. Come winter, nearby Wolf Laurel offers opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, ensuring year-round excitement amidst our breathtaking surroundings.

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Shooting: Fowler Farms Sporting Clays

Sporting clay shooting stands as the latest and most rapidly expanding shotgun sport across the USA. Crafted to replicate the complexities of hunting scenarios, the course features meticulously designed shots that mimic the challenges encountered in the wild.

Spa: Hot Springs Resort And Spa

At Hot Springs Resort and Spa, their team of licensed and skilled Massage Therapists and Estheticians offers an array of soothing and revitalizing treatments. Whether you opt for a massage, body treatment, or esthetics session, each experience is tailored to enhance your relaxation and rejuvenation. Pairing these indulgent treatments with a dip in their natural hot mineral water elevates your visit to a truly unforgettable level of bliss.

The French Broad River

The French Broad RiverThe River Runs North

Originating just west of the Eastern Continental Divide near Rosman, NC, about 60 miles south of Asheville near the South Carolina state line, the headwaters of the French Broad River mark the onset of a remarkable journey. A distinctive feature of this river is its northern flow, spanning approximately 100 miles from its source to Hot Springs, coursing through notable towns such as Brevard, Hendersonville, Asheville, and Marshall, NC, before converging with Tennessee’s waters about 6 miles downstream of Hot Springs. Eventually, the French Broad’s currents meander into the Gulf of Mexico, traversing the Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi rivers.

Serving as a natural conduit through the mountains, the river played a pivotal role in the mid-1800s as the route for the Buncombe Turnpike, facilitating the movement of animals and goods from Tennessee’s plains through the Western NC Mountains to South Carolina’s ports. Along its banks, communities burgeoned to cater to drovers, only to undergo transformation with the advent of the railroad in the 1880s, marking the end of many small settlements.

A geological wonder, the French Broad River is believed to rank among the world’s oldest rivers, harboring intriguing features that captivate geologists. Dubbed “Long Man” by the Cherokee and known for its tributaries as the “Chattering Children,” early settlers coined its name, “French Broad,” owing to its destination in French territory at the time.

Near Hot Springs, the river’s rapids offer thrilling whitewater rafting experiences, drawing enthusiasts to its dynamic currents. Spanning approximately 2800 square miles, the French Broad’s watershed sustains a rich diversity of wildlife, including endangered species like the Appalachian Elktoe Mussel and the Bog Turtle, alongside sightings of majestic birds like Great Blue Herons, Canada Geese, and Bald Eagles. Abundant with aquatic life, excellent trout streams like the Big Laurel near Hot Springs teem with Catfish, Small Mouth Bass, and Muskie, inviting anglers to partake in the river’s bounty.

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Grocery Shopping

Anne’s Meadow Fork Community Store

Anne's Triangle

About 1 1/2 miles from the house is a convenience store owned by the nicest couple – Anne and Billy. Get yourself some gas, a hot dog, and a bottle of coke. Plus a sundry of other items. It’s convenient! It’s on Meadow Fork road about a mile away on the left hand side. (make right out of driveway, left at the bottom of the hill, and then another left onto Meadowfork)

Dollar General, Hot Springs

Harris Teeter, Asheville

Hillbilly Market & Deli, Hot Springs

Visit our Grocery & Deli for fresh cut meats, fresh produce, jams & jellies, local made breads, pies, cakes, fresh made subs, pizza, hot dogs, BBQ.

Ingles, Marshall

Tobacco Road Burley & Brew, Hot Springs

Trader Joe’s, Asheville

Trust General Store & Cafe, Trust (Route 209)

Whole Foods, Asheville

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Dave’s 209

daves 209

Discover the unrivaled taste of premium burgers and fries at Dave’s 209, where we’re dedicated to crafting culinary perfection in Western Carolina. Using only the freshest ingredients, including locally sourced produce to champion North Carolina agriculture, we’ve curated a menu that promises a feast for the senses.

Founded by Dave and Thad, our restaurant was born from a passion to bring something extraordinary to Spring Creek and the Rattler. With Dave’s credentials as a certified Chef from SMTC and extensive experience alongside master chefs across the nation, we infuse each dish with his unique twist on classics, delivering original specials that tantalize taste buds.

As avid supporters of the biking community, we proudly offer motorcycle-friendly amenities, including a dedicated parking area—the only one of its kind in the vicinity. Additionally, Dave’s 209 extends its expertise beyond the restaurant walls, providing catering services tailored to birthdays and events. Our catering menu is fully customizable, ensuring your celebration is a culinary triumph.

Indulge in our signature offerings, from our two unique special french fry seasonings to Dave’s freshly made Artisan Vegetable burger, bursting with flavor. And don’t forget to experience the sensation of our original Boom Boom Sauce—a true taste of home. Join us at Dave’s 209, where every bite tells a story of passion, quality, and unparalleled taste.

Trust General Store & Cafe

Trust General Store & Cafe

Our general store is your one-stop destination, open every day of the week to cater to your needs, offering not just gas but also a wide array of essentials. Plus, indulge in the delightful experience of hand-dipped Hershey’s ice cream, available any time you crave a sweet treat.

For a delectable dining experience, visit our cafe, operating from Friday through Sunday. Join us for lunch or dinner—or both! Our cafe hours are Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Whether you prefer the cozy ambience indoors or the refreshing outdoors on our deck, our friendly staff is ready to make your visit unforgettable.

Smokey Mountain Diner

Smokey Mountain Diner

Nestled at 70 Lance Avenue along the Appalachian Trail, Smoky Mountain Diner is a cherished gem, proudly family-owned and deeply rooted in the local community. Our doors swing open 365 days a year, welcoming you to savor breakfast, lunch, and dinner delights.

Step inside and discover a world of culinary possibilities, as our menu boasts an array of tempting options designed to please every palate. But it’s not just about the food—it’s about the warm hospitality and the sense of belonging that awaits you. When you dine with us, you’re not just a guest; you’re family.

Spring Creek Tavern

Spring Creek Tavern

Open Wednesday thru Sunday. Dining from 12pm to 9pm.  Wood Fired Pizza and Great Tavern Fare. Over 50 Craft Beers and 12 Taps

The Grey Eagle Taquerilla at Big Pillow Brewing

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 1.49.08 PM.png

Nestled within The Grey Eagle Music Hall in Asheville, NC, you’ll find the original Grey Eagle Taqueria, a haven for traditional-style tacos and beyond. Our culinary creations are crafted in-house with the freshest ingredients, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Exciting news! We’ve expanded to new locations, and we invite you to come explore our offerings. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, there’s something for everyone on our menu, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Pair your meal with a local brew or one of our fresh-made margaritas for the perfect finishing touch!

The Iron Horse Station

Iron Horse.jpg

Situated in the heart of Hot Springs, North Carolina, The Iron Horse Station stands as a revered landmark, encompassing an inn, restaurant, tavern, and shops, all within reach of the renowned Appalachian Trail.

Following extensive renovations and restoration, The Iron Horse Station now exudes a charming ambiance, complemented by the breathtaking backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the meandering French Broad River.

Step into The Restaurant and Tavern for a delightful dining experience, characterized by a warm and inviting atmosphere. Offering a diverse menu selection and a curated array of beer and wine, guests can unwind in the cozy guest lounge complete with a crackling fireplace, large screen TV, and complimentary Wireless Internet. The Iron Horse Station promises a memorable destination to savor delectable fare, sip on refreshing drinks, and unwind in comfort.

Vaste Riviere Provisions

Vaste Riviere Provisions storefront

Vaste Rivière Provisions is an upscale Cafe, Wine Shop and Gourmet Grocery Store located in Downtown Hot Springs, NC.

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Gas Stations

The Triangle/Meadow Fork Community Store

Anne's Triangle

About 1 1/2 miles from the house is a convenience store owned by the nicest couple – Anne and Billy. Get yourself some gas, a hot dog, and a bottle of coke. Plus a sundry of other items. It’s convenient! It’s on Meadow Fork road about a mile away on the left hand side. (make right out of driveway, left at the bottom of the hill, and then another left onto Meadowfork)

Trust Cafe and General Store

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So Long, Farewell

Thank You For Staying With Us

thank you

Thank you for staying with us, and we hope you enjoyed your stay. If there were any issues with your stay, please don’t hesitate to tell us, as we want to ensure we can resolve them for the next guest. 

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Check-out Time

checkout time

Check-out time is strictly 10am. There is a $20 late fee. Our cleaners require the right amount of time to turn the property owner to our next guest, so we thank you in advance!  

Check-out Process

to do list

Before you leave, the basic request is you leave the house as you found it. Here are some additional specifics to help you on your way. We don’t wish to burden you, our guests, with hefty tasks so just these few would be so helpful. And we thank you. 

• Remove just the bedsheets and drop them into the laundry basket by the washing machine and dryer.  
• Kindly do the same with all used towels and washcloths. 
• Load the dishwasher and turn it on before leaving.   The detergent is beneath the sink. 
• Turn off the air/heat. In dead winter, kindly leave the temperature set to 50 degrees to help prevent the pipes from freezing. 
• Ensure the hot-tub cover has been returned and secured. (of course, you already did this when getting out of the tub last night)
• Ensure the swinging daybed cover is securely back on. Moisture will bring mold to a very expensive mattress.  
• Ensure the grille’s gas is turned off (right twist). Again, you did this after every use but just making sure.
• Check for your personal stuff.
• Lock the kitchen door from the inside. 
• “Alexa, Goodnight!” will turn off all the lights.   
• Exit through the front door and pull handle firmly and press the lock button.  
• Take one last look at the creek and breath deeply.   
• Drive over the bridge ONLY facing forward.   

Hope this was all very simple and non-burdensome. Thank you.

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