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A Max Patch Cleanup storybook ending: Max Patch, nestled in one of the most scenic spots in Western North Carolina, has undergone a transformative journey to recovery, earning praise for recent efforts to revitalize this iconic site.  Embarking on a day trip to Max Patch reveals a remarkable success story in the realm of “free things to do in Asheville,”  and is a bonafide contestant in the race to be simply one of the best outdoor activities in NC.

max patch cleanup

max patch cleanup

Just a few years ago, Max Patch was a mere shadow of its former self, with visitors and campers leaving the place in a sad state of disarray. However, with three-plus years of tender care and strategic user restrictions, this once-troubled Asheville day trip destination has experienced a near-complete recovery. As a result, Max Patch has become a must-visit day trip, offering stellar 360-degree sightlines that showcase unadulterated natural forests and rippling, layered mountains.

Whether you’re planning day trips from Asheville or looking for the best areas of Western North Carolina to explore, Max Patch beckons with breathtaking views unlike any other. And thanks to its recent conservation practices, this idyllic spot has returned to become the essential stop for residents of the Asheville area and its visitors once again.

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